• What makes HCNS different from other Preschools?

    Our highly experienced, dedicated and certified staff makes HCNS a wonderful place for children to begin their early education. The children benefit from a consistent staff that has collaborated and worked well as a team for over 13 years. On average, our staff members have 20+ years of teaching experience.

  • What is Chapel Time?

    The director meets with all Three-year-old classes and Pre-Kindergarten classes once a week in the Chapel at Hilltop House. The children listen to a Bible story, sing Christian songs, enjoy guessing what might be in the “Love Box”, and end with a prayer. A “Chapel Chat Newsletter” goes home each week with current information on weekly chapel events.

  • What do I do if my child cries when I drop them off at school?

    Each case is handled on an individual basis. Parents are encouraged to tell their child good-bye and then leave the classroom. If crying begins, an experienced teacher will quickly work with the child to help him/her become involved with an activity or toy. In most cases crying ends very quickly. On the rare occasion that a child is upset for more than 20 minutes, a call is made to the parent to return to school. There is typically a 2-week adjustment period for all students.

  • What does a school day consist of?

    A normal day at HCNS begins with free play, which includes educational centers, and craft activities set up in the room for students to work at and have individual instruction time. After free play and cleanup, the children have circle time, snack time, music, story time and outdoor playtime. The curriculum for each age level becomes more academic and advanced as a student progresses from 2’s, 3’s and 4’s.

  • Do you offer enrichment programs?

    Our qualified staff offers additional enrichment classes daily. In addition, we have computer classes offered once a week and Kiddie Soccer is available in the spring. See our curriculum page for more details

  • What is Lunch and Play?

    This is an additional hour at school, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM and costs $8.00 per day. Your child brings a lunch, including a beverage, and enjoys eating with classmates before having an extended playtime either on the playground or the gym. A weekly sign up book is conveniently located in the hall.