• Counting Games and Number Fun

    Expand your child’s fascination with numbers through games, building, moving and experimenting with all phases of math readiness and counting.

  • Gym Rats

    Ready for some action in the gym? Your child will utilize large motor skills while enjoying games and activities involving mats, music, balance beams, balls, parachutes and additional ways to flex their muscles.

  • Kindergarten Prep

    (4’s only) Through exciting reading and number fun activities, games, and projects, this class will reinforce and further develop your child’s emerging language arts and math kindergarten readiness skills. It features “ New Phonics - Kindergarten”, a program which makes learning to read and spell lots of fun by utilizing wonderful animal puppets for each letter of the alphabet, individual magnetic sound boards, and word play.

  • Literature and Cooking

    After exploring a story together, your child will have fun whipping up a delicious snack or creating a special art project to align with our theme. Come hungry and ready for fun!

  • Messy Play & Art

    (3's only) Don't be scared of a little mess - creativity that’s messy can be even MORE fun.The mess allows children to explore and learn with multiple senses, taking it all to another level. Come ready to create, explore and be inspired through hands-on messy crafts, art and sensory tables!

  • Process Art

    (4's only) Process art is like going on an adventure with art! It’s about having fun and exploring different ways to make art without worrying about making things perfect. Instead of trying to make something specific, we will focus on enjoying the process of creating and using our imagination.

  • Scientist at Work

    Let your little Einstein come and explore each theme through science. They will explore everything from how a rocket takes off to how a volcano explodes and more. We love STEM!

  • Yoga for Kids

    (3's only) Children will go on an African Safari, visit a pirate cove, and travel to the Arctic or to outer space using yoga and their imaginations. Yoga kids will build a sense of physical well-being, encourage creativity and help with learning to focus and release energy.